OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center

Testing & Diagnostics


Test Instructions
Abdominal Ultrasound Download
Abdominal Vessels Ultrasound (aorta, mesenteric, portal, renal duplex or TIPS) Download
Air Contrast Colon / Barium Enema with Air Download
Arterial Study Ultrasound Download
Arthrogram or MRI Arthrogram Download
Barium Enema X-Ray Download
Barium Enema or Barium Enema with Air Additional Prep Instructions Download
Bone Densitometry (DEXA Scan) Download
Whole Body Bone Scan, Three Phase Bone Scan, Limited Bone Scan and SPECT Bone Scan Download
Breast Ultrasound Download
Carotid Ultrasound Download
Cervical, Thoracic (Dorsal), Lumbar Spine Myelogram Download
Cisternogram Download
CT Abdomen and/or Pelvis Download
CT Chest, CT Neck, CT Angio Neck, CT Angio Chest, CT Angio Abdomen and Pelvis Download
CT Head, CT Brain, CT Sinus, CT Temporal Bones, CT Internal Auditory Canal (IACs), CT Renal Stone Study, CT Spine, CT Non-Contrast Exam Download
Chest Fluoroscopy or Diaphragm Fluoroscopy Download
Digital Mammogram Download
Ductogram or Galactogram Download
Esophagus (Swallowing Test), Upper GI (UGI), and/or Upper GI (UGI) with Esophagus Download
E-Z Cat Dry Download
Fistulagram Sinus Tract Injection Download
Hysterosalpingogram Download
Intravenous Pyelogram, IVP, Nephrotomogram Download
Lumbar Puncture, Spinal Tap Download
MRI Scan Download
Nuclear Medicine Gall Bladder Scan, Nuclear Medicine Hepatobiliary Scan, Nuclear Medicine Hepatobiliary Scan with Pharmacologic (Pharm), Nuclear Medicine CCK Gall Bladder Scan Download
Nuclear Medicine Gastric Emptying Study Download
Nuclear Medicine Lung Scan, V/Q Scan, and Ventilation and Perfusion Scan Download
Nuclear Medicine MUGA Scan Download
Nuclear Medicine Stress Test, Cardiolite Stress Test, Myoview Stress Test, Lexiscan Stress Test, and Adenosine Stress Test Download
Nuclear Medicine Thyroid Scan, Thyroid Uptake and Scan, I-123 Thyroid Scan and Thyroid Scan Download
Pelvic Ultrasound Download
PET Whole Body Scan, PET Eyes to Thighs Scan, PET Metabolic Brain Download
Renal (Kidney) Ultrasound Download
Sialogram Download
Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Download
T-Tube Cholangiogram Download
Urogram Antegrade or Loopogram Download
Venous Ultrasound Download

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