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Healthy Living

A poor diet and a lack of physical activity can lead to obesity and diabetes. Both are a stepping stone to heart disease, stroke and other serious health conditions.

Our goal is to address these "community health needs" and offer resources to help achieve a healthy lifestyle.  Read on to learn more about diabetes care, diet and nutrition, plus our LifeFit Wellness Program, an on-site exercise facility!

Diabetes Care

Your physician may order a blood test to check your blood glucose levels and determine your risk for diabetes or prediabetes.  If results indicate you are at risk or have a positive indicator for diabetes, then he or she can offer some basic diabetes education or a referral to a dietitian for nutrition counseling.

Individuals who have recently been diagnosed may also benefit from attending our quarterly Diabetes Education Series.  A combination of hospital nursing and dietary staff host the 3-part class and offer information including:

  • An overview of diabetes and how to avoid complications
  • How to use your glucometer
  • Carbohydrate counting, portion size and exercise tips
  • Answers to your medication questions and more

Call (815) 431-5499 for additional information and class dates.

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Diet and Nutrition

Healthy Living | OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical CenterThe registered dietitians with OSF Saint Elizabeth can help you achieve better food choices and avoid health complications. Our dietitians offer counseling for a variety of nutritional needs including:

  • Weight loss
  • Low salt diet
  • Gluten-free diet
  • Allergies
  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy

Our dietitians are available to help answer dietary questions during your inpatient stay, and you'll have the opportunity to make an appointment within 30 days of your discharge.  For additional nutrition help, ask your physician for an outpatient referral to discuss your nutritional goals.