OSF Saint Luke Medical Center

Visiting a Patient

One common way to support a patient is by visiting them during their stay with us. Visits from families and friends often provide great support and speed a patient's recovery.

However, to ensure that our patients receive excellent care and rest needed for their recovery, we ask that visitors follow certain guidelines and limitations

To visit a patient, please park in our main parking lot and enter the building through the main entrance.

Our inpatient rooms, located on the second floor are accessible by either elevator or stairs, located in the center of the building.


For infection control purposes, children under age 12 may not visit without permission from the nursing staff.

Children visitors must always be accompanied by an adult.

To respect the privacy of our patients, visitors may be asked to leave the room upon the requests of health care providers who assist the patient.

During times of high incidence of communicable disease, OSF Saint Luke may institute further limitation of visitors as necessary for the protection of our patients and the public.