OSF Saint Luke Medical Center


Our medical care extends far beyond our hospital walls. We offer a variety of tools and information designed to help you make healthy decisions as you go about your daily life.

Within the hospital

We regularly host free health presentations and invite community members to attend. Information may be about a new service offered within the hospital, or we may simply recap a health topic worth knowing.

We often use this opportunity to introduce new physicians and staff as well. How often do you have the chance to meet a new provider before scheduling an appointment?

In addition to informational talks, we offer a monthly Parkinson's support group and classes to address the needs of our patient population as well as outpatient education by a registered dietitian.

Within the community

Our staff offers numerous informational and educational presentations for community groups, clubs, service organizations, businesses, industries, churches, church groups, schools, and the general public. Topics range from disease prevention and safety to wellness.

Our Community Health Education department regularly offers health screenings and other community outreach opportunities.

In addition, we participate in several area health fairs to offer resources and education to the public on an individualized basis. To inquire about a presentation or a health fair opportunity, please call (309) 852-7820.