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Live Well Streator

The Live Well Streator steering committee is focusing on building awareness about community resources and creating new partnerships that support healthy living.

Live Well Streator LogoWhile healthy living could mean a number of things, the steering team worked to determine which areas of focus could enact the greatest amount of positive change for the community.

After reviewing population data, they narrowed their priorities and invited additional community partners to participate in three action teams:


Goal: 45% of Streator residents at a healthy weight by the year 2025.

Did you know that there are over 25 locations in the Streator area to inspire you to get more physical activity and to stay healthy? Those locations include 7 gyms/businesses that will give you a free tour!

Learn more here: Activity Map (PDF)

Live Well Streator is on of nine communities in the United States that piloted the Move Your Way campaign to promote physical activity and help people understand how they can get active.

Healthy Eating

Goal: An increased percentage of residents who eat five or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

Eating healthier just got easier! The Healthy Eating Action Team, led by Matthew Dean of US Foods, is partnering with the Streator community to promote the importance of a healthy diet.

Learn fun facts and try a delicious recipe here:

Or pick your family's favorite five fresh fruits and veggies to keep on hand.

Coming soon - look for the Live Well Streator at local restaurants to sample new, healthy menu options that make it easier for you to "eat well while eating out." Thank you to area restaurants for partnering to make healthy living a priority.

Live Drug Free

Goal: A reduction in opioid usage and overdose.

The Live Drug Free Action Team, led by Chief Gary Bird of the Streator Fire Department, strives to build awareness of community and state-wide resources. If you have expired or unwanted prescription and over-the-counter medications, view our Drug Disposal Options (PDF) to help us protect our communities and the environment by cleaning out your medicine cabinet.

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance use, please take advantage of area resources and support groups.

For immediate assistance, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, please contact the Illinois Helpline (PDF) by calling 833-2FINDHELP or visit Helpline.IL.org.

About Us

Volunteers and community leaders from Streator and surrounding areas created the Live Well Streator initiative in March 2018 with collaboration from OSF HealthCare. Together, they are partnering to create a sustainable movement that will support the improvement of the health, wellness and strength of the community.

The Live Well Streator steering committee is comprised of twelve individuals from diverse backgrounds and Ellen Vogel, with OSF HealthCare, who serves as the program facilitator.

Steering Committee Members:

  • Janette Strabala (chair), Franciscan Ministries
  • Rene Barr, Vactor Manufacturing
  • Mayor Tara Bedei, City of Sreator
  • Leslie Dougherty, LaSalle County Health Department
  • Susan Glassman, University of Illinois Extension
  • Courtney Levy (vice chair), Streator Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Amy Jo Mascal, Streator Township High School
  • Jessica Pastirik, Central Church of Christ
  • Melissa Shanley, North Central Behavioral Health Systems, Inc.
  • Jill Seaton, Streator YMCA
  • Kristi McNichol, OSF HealthCare
  • Ellen Vogel, OSF HealthCare

Our Mission

Partnering to create a sustainable movement that will support the improvement of the health, wellness and strength of the community.

Our Vision

To inspire a strong, coordinated and engaged community that empowers residents to live a healthier lifestyle by

  • Creating partnerships for healthy living
  • Building awareness & providing resources
  • Coordinating healthy choice initiatives

Contact Us

Want to learn more about Live Well Streator? Contact Ellen Vogel or by calling (815) 673-4528.

Support Live Well Streator

Interested in supporting Live Well Streator?
Online donations made to Live Well Streator account held by OSF HealthCare Foundation are tax deductible. To learn more, contact Cherie Reynolds, Director of Philanthropy, or by calling (815) 431-5538.