OSF Saint Luke Medical Center

Medical/ Surgical/ Pediatrics/ Swing (MSPS)

Each of the 19 private medical/surgical rooms are designed to provide a peaceful environment that supports the healing process. 

Health care providers like their acronyms! So is it any wonder when we talk about MSPS, you wonder what that is or why you're here? MSPS stands for medical, surgical, pediatrics and "swing bed" services. It's our primary inpatient care area where you will receive care if you are admitted to the hospital.

Each room is spacious, has a private restroom facilities, plenty of storage space to hide away your personal belongings, even a sofa bed for that special someone who may want to room with you for the night. Our nurses work closely with other health care professionals and physicians at OSF Saint Luke to provide a unified care plan that will provide for your speedy recovery.

Closer to home

Wondering what it means to be in a swing bed? Our Swing Bed service allows patients who no longer need acute care in a hospital to move to another level of care before discharge, but without changing rooms. It's all part of making you as comfortable as possible while creating opportunities for your continued path to a full recovery. You may receive physical therapy and specialized nursing care when you are admitted to the Swing Bed service, but you won't have to travel far for that care. It's all right here for you!

Medical staff

Your admission to the hospital is made by a physician on the OSF Saint Luke staff. The physician who admits is responsible for directing your care while you are in the hospital. As the coordinator of your treatment plan, your admitting physician is best able to answer questions about your illness. To provide 24/7 accessibility to a physician, OSF Saint Luke assigns a hospitalist for your immediate care needs while you are hospitalized. The hospitalist works closely with your physician and other health care professionals to deliver your care.

Nursing staff

Nursing care is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to patients at OSF Saint Luke. Our nursing care team includes professional registered nurses, licensed practice nurses and certified nurses' aids. Any member of our nursing staff can assist you with finding answers to questions about your care or treatment while in the hospitals.

Illinois Hospital Report Card Act

At OSF Saint Luke, we are committed to providing the highest quality of medical care possible, and we welcome comments and questions from our patients about our nursing team. Under the Illinois Hospital Report Card Act, our patients can request information related to a hospital unit’s nurse to patient staffing ratios, as well as nursing staff credentials including education, training and certification.

If you have questions about nursing care for patients currently in the hospital, or those preparing to be admitted or even general inquiries not related to a patient stay, please feel free to request a Hospital Report Card Act Request Form. You may also contact the Chief Nursing Officer at OSF Saint Luke, (309) 852-7500.

Thank you for choosing OSF Saint Luke for your health care needs.