OSF St. Mary Medical Center

Emergency Care

If you are experiencing an emergency situation, please call 911 immediately.

OSF St Mary Medical Center Helicopter On Helipad With PatientEmergencies can happen anywhere, at any time, to anyone.

To ensure area families have access to acute, convenient care, OSF St. Mary maintains a fully equipped emergency department staffed by specially trained, compassionate doctors and nurses.

Our medical staff is prepared to handle serious emergencies on site and advanced emergency care is available via emergency medical services, including OSF Life Flight helicopter and ambulance, to the Level I Trauma Center at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, our sister hospital in Peoria.

What Emergency Service Do I Use?

Wondering whether to use the Emergency Department, an OSF PromptCare clinic or OSF OnCall virtual urgent care clinic?

The Emergency Department is the best place for treating potentially severe and life-threatening conditions such as heart attack or stroke.

PromptCare clinics can be used for urgent conditions that aren’t life-threatening but need to be taken care of right away, such as sprains, skin rashes or a severe sore throat.

OSF OnCall, a virtual urgent care clinic, can also be used for these urgent needs and has the added convenience of being accessible 24/7 from the home or office.

What to Expect During Your Visit to the Emergency Department

When you first arrive, you will be evaluated by a registered nurse (RN). He or she will do a quick assessment of your medical condition, and determine how quickly you need to be seen.

During this process, the nurse will ask for your name, date of birth, Social Security Number and the main reason for your visit.

At this point, your vital signs (blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, etc.) will be checked. Your next steps will be determined by the seriousness of your condition.

Maintain an Emergency Card

It is important to be prepared at all times for an emergency. To expedite treatment in the event one occurs, it’s advised that you keep an information card on you containing the name and phone number for your family doctor and a list of any medications you are currently taking and any drug allergies you may have along with your insurance card and photo identification.