OSF St. Mary Medical Center

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine exams are specialized medical exams that utilize low level radio-isotopes to image specific areas of the body

What to Expect

Almost all nuclear medicine exams require a needle to be placed into a vein in the arm or hand. Through this small needle, a specialized radio-active isotope is injected. Depending on what study is to be done, you may have images taken immediately, or you may need to come back several hours later for images.

When imaging is done, you will typically lay on a cushioned table for a period of time. It is important to lie still during the procedure. There is a small television in the room & you can request a specific channel to watch.

Preparations for Exam

There are multiple preparations depending upon which exam is ordered. Your physician should give you the specific preparation you will need to follow for your procedure.

You need to bring your current medication list to your appointment.