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OSF HealthCare is a destination for hope, healing and world-class cancer care. Our highly skilled cancer specialists deliver compassionate treatment in an environment where you’ll feel comforted and supported, no matter which of our locations your cancer care takes place in. 

From cancer prevention to groundbreaking research and access to the latest clinical trials, OSF HealthCare is committed to the most cutting-edge cancer treatments and the promise of more hope for you and your family.  

As a fully integrated medical system, OSF HealthCare connects individuals to every level of support, including diet and nutrition guidance, mental health resources, support groups, and the most highly trained and experienced cancer specialists and oncology nurses in their field. 

When it comes to cancer, you and your family can’t afford to take chances. When you need the best cancer treatment and support available, trust OSF HealthCare to make sure you’re never alone on your cancer journey. 

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Cancer Blog After Chemo Treatment


January 26, 2024 | Peoria, IL
The new OSF HealthCare Cancer Institute in Peoria will offer access to a variety of treatments, including brachytherapy, under one roof.

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Cancer Screening Guidelines Hero
Cancer Screenings
Finding cancer early is your best chance for a positive outcome. Our cancer specialists screen for certain cancers based on recommended guidelines. When to get screened depends on your age and family history.
Our Cancer Programs
No matter where you are on your journey, our cancer specialists are committed to walking with you. From highly specialized cancer treatments to support for your family and everything in between, we’ll take care of it all.
OSF Breakthrough Treatment Center

Get access to some of the most advanced cancer therapies available. We offer novel cancer clinical trials and medical advances from world class physicians who treat patients using the latest technologies, infrastructure and research.

Cancer Genetic Testing Blog
Genetic Risk Assessment
Genetics play a key role in your cancer risk. Our cancer specialists help you learn more about your family history through genetic risk assessments. Knowing your family history can help you and your care team create a plan for prevention.


Cancer Diagnosis Blog
Questions to ask after a cancer diagnosis
Cancer can be overwhelming. Knowing what questions to ask helps you understand your diagnosis and treatment options.
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Finding help to pay for cancer treatment
The cost of cancer can be overwhelming. Learning about cancer costs and finding resources to cover expenses is important.
Cancer Treatment Stress Blog
Dealing with cancer treatment stress
A cancer diagnosis often leads to anxiety. Managing stress, staying organized and working with a nurse navigator can help.