Support Groups

Whether you’re a patient, survivor or caregiver, the cancer journey is challenging, and it can cause you to feel alienated from others. But OSF HealthCare believes the human connection is strong medicine.

Through support groups, you have the chance to form bonds with people who know from experience what you’re going through. These groups provide opportunities to share coping techniques, learn about new resources, find comfort and give comfort. You may also find strength from the genuine and lasting bonds of friendship you form.

OSF partners with the communities we serve to facilitate and host several cancer support groups, including groups dedicated to specific cancers like breast cancer and groups with a broader focus on cancer.

What to Expect

Support groups give people diagnosed with cancer and their caregivers a chance to learn from and support each other. When you attend one of our support groups, you’ll find a safe place where you can:

  • Share what you want, if anything at all
  • Meet fellow survivors to share your journey, discuss fears, celebrate victories and more
  • Talk about and work through the feelings and challenges you experience with other people who have gone through similar experiences
  • Learn about topics of interest to you

Get Started

For a list of local cancer support groups that may be of interest to you, please contact your oncology care team.

Cancer Support Group
Events Calendar
Check out upcoming support groups where you can learn, relax and be entertained while forming bonds of friendship and support with fellow cancer patients and survivors.
Cancer Counseling Support Services
Counseling Services
OSF Behavioral Health provides individual and family therapy for people of all ages in a caring and compassionate environment.


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