OSF Holy Family Medical Center

Before Surgery

Preparing for surgery can be both nerve-wracking and crucial for a successful outcome. At OSF HealthCare Holy Family Medical Center, we understand the importance of thorough preparation. Our guidelines ensure you're informed and ready, maximizing safety and comfort throughout your surgical journey.

Prior to Surgery

  1. Please bring a list of the medicine you take. Include drug name, amount and times you take the medicine. Also list any herbs you take.
  2. Most surgeries require approval by your health insurance company. Please contact your surgeon's office to find out if you need to notify your health insurance company for prior approval.
  3. Please bring any insurance verification with you the day of your surgery.
  4. An OSF Central Scheduling Representative will call you one to two weeks prior to your surgery. They will schedule any pre-operative tests and will ask you general health and insurance information. If you are not home, Central Scheduling will leave a message asking for you to contact the hospital at (309) 734-1446.
  5. One to two days prior to your surgery, the pre-op nurse will call with your scheduled time of arrival and directions to Outpatient Registration.  If you do not have an answering machine, or have not heard from the pre-op nurse, please contact them at 309-734-1610.
  6. DO NOT eat, drink, smoke, or chew gum, tobacco or mints after midnight prior to surgery. The pre-op nurse may give you more specific directions. 

Evening Before

Pre-Operative Skin Preparation for Surgery

Clean skin is very important to prevent infection after surgery. Bathing or showering with an antibacterial soap, such as Dial, the evening before surgery and the morning of surgery helps to remove germs from the skin.  Your doctor may provide you with Hibiclens packets to bath/shower with. Gently clean your belly button with a q-tip. 

Dry with a clean towel. Wear clean, comfortable and loose fitting clothes. If you are undergoing knee replacement or other lower leg surgeries, do not shave your legs prior to surgery. Shaving increases the risk of infection. 

Your Admission Day

Report to Registration, located inside the south Outpatient Entrance, at the time you were told to arrive by a pre-op nurse. While you are in Registration you will get an name band with your name and date of birth.

OSF Holy Family Central Registration 2

What to bring to the hospital with you:

  • Insurance information with policy number and pre-certification number if applicable.
  • List of all allergies.
  • List of all medicine you are taking with amount and times medicine is taken. 
  • CPAP machine, cell phone charger, bath robe and slippers, if you will be spending the night.
  • OSF Holy Family provides free Wifi. Patients and guests must take responsibility for their own laptop/tablet and activities on the internet.

DO NOT bring the following:

  • Medications unless instructed to do so by your physician.
  • Jewelry, money and other valuables.

While we try to maintain a timely surgery schedule, events may arise that could delay your surgery. For example, we may have an emergent case that needs to take precedence over your case, or a surgery before you may take longer than anticipated. Please be assured that we will try to keep your wait to a minimum. To minimize your wait time, please do not arrive at the hospital more than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time.

Day of Surgery

  1. From midnight on, DO NOT eat, drink, smoke, or chew gum, tobacco or mints. Follow the preadmission nurse’s instructions about drinking clear liquids if applicable.
  2. Take medicine for heart, blood pressure and seizures with a sip of water. Ask if you should take medications for diabetes. Take your blood sugar at home before coming to the hospital.
  3. Take a shower, with antibacterial soap and brush your teeth. Do not shave where you will have surgery. Shaving can irritate skin which may lead to an infection.
  4. Do NOT wear contacts, make-up or mascara.
  5. Call your doctor if you are ill or have a fever over 100 degrees.
  6. Let your doctor or nurse know if you have any skin rashes. Your surgery could be cancelled because of this.
  7. Wear clean, comfortable and loose fitting clothes that are easy to get on and off.
  8. Do not wear jewelry. Follow directions from your surgeon or preadmission nurse concerning fake nails. Remove nail polish especially Gel nail polish. If your surgery involves your feet or legs, remove polish from toenails.
  9. Please do not bring small children with you.

Notes to Family and Friends

  1. Patients can only have 2 visitors at a time in the pre-op area and outpatient recovery (PACU II) area. This helps us maintain privacy and quiet for patients recovering from surgery. Other visitors are welcome to wait in the surgery waiting area. DO have someone with you to drive you home. Your surgery may be cancelled if you do not have someone accompanying you. We recommend you have someone stay with you for 24 hours following your procedure.
  2. Visitors should wait in the surgical waiting room. This is so family members can be found to talk to the doctor when the surgery is done, and so we can let your family know when you are ready to leave the recovery area. 

Pre-OP Area 

  • OSF Holy Family Surgery Before SurgeryYou will be asked to remove your clothes and put on a hospital gown.
  • A lot of questions will be asked by the nurse about your past medical history, allergies, and your planned surgery. If your surgery is on a certain side, for example the right leg, you will be involved in marking the correct surgical site.
  • Your blood pressure, temperature, and pulse will be taken.
  • Remove your glasses or contact lenses. If you have a hearing aid or dentures, ask the nurse whether you should wear them during surgery.
  • An IV will be started.  The pre-op nurses use a cold numbing spray to help stop pain from starting an IV. If you feel anxious, we have medicine to help you.
  • The skin around the incision site may be washed and hair clipped with an electric clipper.