OSF Holy Family Medical Center

Going Home

Your doctor will decide when you will be discharged. Ask a friend or family member to help you during recovery.

OSF Holy Family Surgery Going HomeBoth of you should listen to your post-op instructions because it may be hard for you to remember all the instructions once you have anesthesia. Be sure you both understand the instructions and your questions are answered. Make arrangements to have someone drive you home.

The Nurses in the Outpatient Surgery Unit will:

  • Make your follow-up doctor’s appointment for you.
  • May give you a prescription to take to a pharmacy upon discharge.
  • Give you something to drink before leaving.
  • Escort you to your car when you are discharged.

Your family can be with you in Outpatient Surgery Unit. You will go there after Phase I recovery if you had a general anesthetic. Families cannot be in Phase I with you.

You may come to the hospital as an outpatient (23 hour admission), but may still spend overnight in the hospital if your surgeon feels it is necessary.

One to two days after surgery, the Outpatient Surgery Unit nurses will call you to see how you are feeling. If your surgery is on Friday, they will call you on Monday.

*If you will need crutches after surgery, please coordinate this with your surgeon.


  • You have a fever over 101°F (38°C)
  • Your incision becomes more swollen, red or painful or has a foul discharge.
  • Your incision bleeds a lot.
  • Your incision opens. Lightly press a clean cloth to the incision to control bleeding.
  • You feel too sleepy, dizzy, or groggy (the medication may be too strong)
  • You have pain an hour after taking pain medication (it may bot be strong enough).
  • You have side effects from your medication such as nausea, vomiting, redness, a rash or itching.


After your surgery you will need a ride home. A friend or family member will need to accompany you, even if public transportation is the mode of transport to take you home.  Please check with each service about additional costs that may incur for their services.

1360 South Main Street
Monmouth IL 61462
(309) 734-6001

United American Cab (services provided in Monmouth)
56 Fulton Street
Galesburg Il, 61401
(309) 342-6161