OSF St. Mary Medical Center

Patient Relations

Your experience as a patient is very important to us. The Mission of OSF HealthCare is "to serve persons with the greatest care and love."

While you are a patient at OSF St. Mary Medical Center we want your experience to be excellent. Patients, family members, and visitors at are encouraged to express their views about hospital services.

Please express any concerns you may have to the staff that are taking care of you. Ask to speak to a supervisor, manager or the Patient Representative if you feel that your questions have not been answered or if you still have concerns.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Another part of patient satisfaction includes the hospital's patient satisfaction surveys. Patient satisfaction survey responses and reports are shared with department managers, staff, administration and providers.

We review and respond to patient concerns, identify trends, and make process changes when indicated. The staff is educated on resources for improving patient satisfaction.

Contacting the Patient Representative

If you need to consult with the Patient Representative, please call (309) 344-3161 x1110.