OSF Peace Meal

osf-peacemeal.jpgOSF Peace Meal helps seniors improve their nutrition, sustain their independence and enhance their quality of life through meals, fellowship and a connection to other services they may need.

OSF HealthCare provides nutritious meals five days a week for seniors age 60 and older.

The program is available in Champaign, DeWitt, Ford, Iroquois, McLean, Piatt and Livingston counties. These counties are all served by an OSF HealthCare hospital.

The Need

Programs such as OSF Peace Meal were established to improve food security among older adults. U.S. Census figures for the seven counties OSF Peace Meal serves indicate 97,305 people are 60 or older. Of those, 31% are 75 or older, 24% live alone and 31% live in poverty.

OSF Peace Meal strives to reach out to those in need to provide food, fellowship and increased access to other community services.

How it Works

OSF Peace Meal collaborates with a variety of organizations, transportation providers, home care agencies, food pantries, care centers, the University of Illinois Extension and Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center on receiving and providing referrals to connect those in need to resources and services to help maintain their independence.

Nutritious meals are provided Monday-Friday by carryout from an OSF Peace Meal central kitchen. Reservations must be made a day in advance.

Home delivery is also available. OSF Peace Meal staff works with participants to provide emergency meal packs and weekend or secondary meals when needed.


Eligible participants are seniors age 60 and older. Five days per week, fresh meals consisting of one-third of the dietary requirements for older adults are available for carryout from a central kitchen in the area where the eligible participant lives. Home delivery is available to eligible persons age 60 or older who are homebound due to illness, have an incapacitating disability or who are otherwise isolated. 

Meals also are available to spouses, regardless of their age, as long as they reside with the program participant.



Peace Meal requests a donation of $4.00 per meal. All participant contributions are confidential. Participants are encouraged to contribute as they are able, but no one will be turned away based on an inability to donate. Funding is provided by the East Central Illinois Agency on Aging. 

Request a Meal

To request a meal, call (309) 665-5900 and a meal coordinator will reach out to help you find a central kitchen in your area to pick up carry-out meals. They also can assist you in receiving home delivery, if needed.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are one time only volunteer opportunities as well as once a week, a few times a week, or you can be placed on a list to be contacted when needed. We are open Monday through Friday throughout the year. Opportunities include meal delivery, kitchen help and clerical support.

Volunteer Opportunities

Program Referral

Use the form below to self-refer to the Peace Meal program.