Fertility Care

Who We Are

A variety of reproductive problems may prevent married couples from achieving a healthy pregnancy. Some problems can begin at the onset of puberty and continue through your reproductive years.

At OSF HealthCare, we can help identify and treat conditions related to infertility and gynecological health. Whether it is the Creighton Model and the science of NaProTechnology or vasectomy reversal, our team can work with you to improve your fertility and gynecological health.

Who We Serve

As a Catholic health care ministry, OSF HealthCare provides assistance to both men and women who want to monitor and maintain their reproductive health.

We help engaged or married couples build their families. We also provide alternatives to contraception that are safe, evidence-based, effective and consistent with our commitment to the dignity of the person.


Natural Reproductive Health

At OSF Women's Health and FertilityCare, we show women how to monitor their gynecologic and reproductive health naturally.Learn More