What about insurance coverage?

Your insurance may provide coverage for services offered by the OSF Women’s Health and Advanced Fertility Providers.Ask your insurer if OSF is an in-network provider.

Coverage for instruction on how to chart your menstrual cycle for purposes of achieving/avoiding pregnancy or to monitor your gynecological health is offered free of charge. Should a fertility-related medical diagnosis be determined, then medical services will be billed to your payor source including Medicaid. Usual deductible amounts or co-pays will apply.

I am married. Does my husband need to attend the introductory session?
Husbands are strongly encouraged to attend as many sessions as possible, however husband attendance is not required for the couple to use the method.

Creighton Model

I am a single woman in my 20s, 30s or 40s. Can I learn to chart my cycle using the Creighton Model?
Yes! The Creighton Model is a great way to understand how your body works. The Creighton Model FertilityCare System allows a woman to monitor her reproductive and gynecologic health. 
Can my teenage daughter learn to chart her cycle using the Creighton Model?
Yes! The Creighton Model can be taught to any girl who has started her period. We do ask that you bring along some parental supervision while learning this method for participants younger than 18.
Is the Creighton Model the same thing as the Calendar Method?
No, the Creighton Model looks at the pattern of each menstrual cycle. This method is accurate, easy to learn and understandable. It’s based on specific signs indicating days of fertility for those trying to achieve a pregnancy, or infertility, for those who want to avoid a pregnancy.
Do I need to be Catholic to learn the Creighton Model?
No, the Creighton Model is available to all women and couples regardless of faith. The method follows Catholic moral teaching in the area of human sexuality. 
Can this method predict when I am fertile?
Yes, the Creighton Model involves tracking biological markers (bio-markers) which are necessary to understand a woman’s health and fertility. Days of fertility and infertility are easily identified, giving the method a 96.8 percent effective use rating to avoid pregnancy.
Can this method help diagnose other problems that I am having with my cycle?
Yes, the observations are standardized and become a helpful diagnostic tool used by a NaPro trained physician. NaPro Technology can diagnose and treat many gynecologic problems such as painful periods, hormone problems, heavy bleeding, ovarian cysts, premenstrual syndrome and others. 
Can I still chart my cycle using this method while I am breastfeeding?
Absolutely! We encourage nursing mothers to chart. Fertility (ovulation) recurrence is often recognized before the first period, making this method very useful for those married couples wishing to space births. 
I currently take birth control pills, and I am considering going off them. Can I still learn to use this method?
Yes. You can begin charting as soon as you discontinue using birth control pills.
How do I begin learning to chart using this method?
Contact a FertilityCare practitioner. There are OSF FertilityCare Centers located in Peoria, Bloomington, Ottawa, Galesburg and Rockford. Contact one of our offices and speak with one of our practitioners or make an appointment to get started. Charting can begin after the first session.