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OSF Breakthrough Treatment Center

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World-Class Cancer Research and Treatment Close to Home

The OSF Breakthrough Treatment Center at OSF HealthCare Cancer Institute provides individuals battling difficult-to-treat cancers with access to the world’s most promising medical breakthroughs, novel therapies and clinical trials. 

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This specialized center will help OSF Cancer Institute become a destination for world-class cancer care that provides a seamless cancer care journey for patients and their families. 

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New Breakthrough Treatment Options Close to Home When Time with Loved Ones is Priceless

Breakthrough care is more than just science. It’s about the quality of the precious time we have with our loved ones. In the most difficult moments of life, patients now have access to breakthrough treatment options close to their home, family and community.

The OSF Breakthrough Treatment Center provides patients with some of the most promising, hard-to-access clinical trials, medical advances and research from around the world – right here in Peoria. These include cutting-edge early detection, immunotherapies cell and gene therapies, and proton therapy.


The Incredible Global Breakthrough Journey

The world is working together with a shared mission to end cancer. Every year thousands of incredible new advances are discovered. The OSF Breakthrough Treatment Center works to connect patients to the very best of these discoveries close to home and contribute its own groundbreaking advances for the greater good.

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Breakthrough Early Detection & Treatment

The OSF Breakthrough Treatment center focuses on catching cancer early when we have the best chance of treatment and finding new hope for the most difficult to treat cancers.

Early Detection

Finding cancer early is our best hope of treating the disease. The Breakthrough Treatment Center is working on strategies that will make it a global leader in this category.


The OSF Breakthrough Treatment Center will be a focal point where the most promising new therapies and clinical trials give new hope to patients with the most difficult to treat cancers.


Breakthroughs in surveillance and monitoring recurrence can be crucial in improving outcomes and patient survival.


Ministry Wide and Global Impact

The Breakthrough Treatment Center will help OSF Cancer Institute become a destination for world-class cancer care – one that is fully integrated with our health care Ministry and provides a seamless cancer journey for patients and families in the communities we serve. Origin will bring the know-how and expertise and access to incredible breakthroughs in science to OSF patients – adults and children.

A Giant Leap Forward to Empower OSF Doctors, Researchers and Caregivers

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OSF doctors and caregivers will have unique access to top-tier clinical trials, infrastructure, technology and translational research collaborations to deliver breakthrough care options to patients and contribute to the larger fight against cancer.


For a Future Beyond Cancer

Cancer is only the beginning of what’s possible at the OSF Breakthrough Treatment Center. We believe that promising breakthroughs will have a meaningful impact against many other diseases, such as:

  • Blood disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Neurodegenerative diseases
  • Rare diseases

Advancing a Resilient Community & Region

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The OSF Cancer Institute and OSF Breakthrough Treatment Center will elevate an advanced healthcare economy in the region. Job creation, business growth, entrepreneurial opportunities, enhanced hospitality offerings and more will be a significant and positive outcome as more people and their families come to Peoria for world-class care and hope.

Your gift can help make a tremendous difference in the lives of cancer patients now. Together we can bring hope home!

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