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Family Medicine

If you need a health care professional who can look after all your loved ones, OSF Medical Group’s family medicine specialists have you covered. Our family doctors care for infants to senior citizens and everyone in between. Checkups, sick visits and health screenings are all handled with compassion and skill by family medicine providers who care.

What Is Family Medicine?

Family medicine is a type of primary care for people of all ages. A family doctor might treat a baby with an earache, give a teenager a sports exam and diagnose an older adult with arthritis all in the same day. Family practice physicians handle routine care like annual exams and diagnose, treat and manage illnesses.

Why Choose Family Medicine?

Family care physicians offer unique benefits due to their wide range of expertise. Consider seeing a family medicine doctor if you want to:

  • Avoid changing providers as your children age out of pediatric care
  • Bring your entire family to see the same doctor
  • Receive care from a provider who knows you and your family well
  • See the same health care provider at different stages of life

Find a Provider

Choose from hundreds of family medicine professionals at one of our many convenient locations.


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