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Internal Medicine

Your health journey is as unique as you are. That’s why OSF Medical Group provides access to a wide range of internal medicine professionals, so you can always find the care you need. No matter what your health goals are, our internal medicine specialists are ready to help you start feeling better.

What Is Internal Medicine?

Internal medicine providers, or internists, are experienced professionals who offer primary care for adults. They have a special focus on preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases. 

Who Should See an Internist?

An internal medicine provider is a great choice for adults who need routine care, as well as those with complex health conditions. Adults who benefit from seeing a general internist include those who:

  • Want help to stay well over the long term
  • Need routine care for themselves, not their whole family
  • Have symptoms and need a diagnosis
  • Have more than one health condition, especially chronic illnesses
  • See multiple health care specialists and need someone to coordinate care

How Can an Internal Medicine Provider Help?

Internists help you prevent illnesses by offering routine care like annual checkups and health screenings. If you have symptoms but no diagnosis, an internal medicine provider is a great first stop on the road to wellness. They can examine you, listen to your health concerns and provide a diagnosis and treatment. If you need to see a specialist, they can provide referrals.

If you have health issues that aren’t easy to manage, internal medicine providers are an excellent primary health option. Managing a complex diagnosis or multiple health issues often means seeing several different doctors. Getting referrals, scheduling appointments and sending updated records to each of your specialists on your own can be a lot of work. Internal medicine providers often coordinate care and treatments between specialists on your behalf.

Find a Provider

OSF primary care has dozens of internal medicine specialists at a variety of locations who’re ready to help you prevent, treat and manage your health concerns.


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