Urgent Care

High Acuity Care Clinics

Get specialized care for serious conditions without a trip to the emergency room. High Acuity Care Clinics at OSF HealthCare save you time and money by treating: 

Your doctor may refer you to one of these clinics, located at OSF PromptCare facilities, if you:

  • Need more treatment than you can get in your doctor’s office
  • Don’t need emergency care or admission to the hospital

What to Expect

At a High Acuity Care Clinic, we’ll treat your condition and monitor you for up to six hours. When your symptoms stabilize (stop getting worse), you’ll go home. If necessary, we’ll make a follow-up appointment the next day. 

We’ll teach you and your family how to take care of yourself. You’ll learn how to:

  • Watch for signs you need medical attention
  • Manage your medications
  • Eat a healthy diet for your condition

Talk to Your Doctor

Ask your doctor if you need a referral to a High Acuity Care Clinic.

High Acuity Care Clinic Locations

 Practice Name  Address  City  Phone  
 OSF PromptCare  1001 N. Rivian Motorway  Bloomington  (309) 828-0806  View Wait Times
 OSF PromptCare  1505 Eastland Drive  Bloomington   (309) 663-2100  View Wait Times
 OSF PromptCare  695 N. Kellogg Street  Galesburg  (309) 343-1000  View Wait Times
 OSF PromptCare  435 Maxine Drive  Morton  (309) 655-2431  View Wait Times
 OSF PromptCare  2200 Fort Jesse Road, Suite 100  Normal  (309) 661-6280  View Wait Times
 OSF PromptCare  8600 Illinois Route 91  Peoria  (309) 655-2431  View Wait Times
 OSF PromptCare  5114 N. Glen Park Place  Peoria  (309) 655-2431  View Wait Times