Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Program

The Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Program offers a specialized rehabilitation program for individuals diagnosed with a narrowing of the peripheral arteries to the legs. Research shows that regular exercise is the most consistently effective treatment for PAD.

Our professional team of registered nurses and exercise physiologists work collaboratively with you and your physician. Together, we design an individualized program to meet your specific fitness goals.


Phase 2: Monitored

rehabilitation - cardiac PAD nurseTreatment focuses on reducing symptoms and preventing further progression of the disease.  The most common symptoms of PAD in the lower extremities are cramping, pain, or tiredness while walking or climbing stairs.  Typically this pain goes away with rest and returns when you walk again.

If you qualify for these services, the PAD Program team will develop an individualized exercise program for you. It will primarily consist of cardiovascular exercise to help reduce these symptoms. There will also be education about living a healthy lifestyle to reduce further risks.

Exercise sessions meet three times per week for up to 12 weeks in the Rehabilitation Center at the OSF HealthCare location of your choice.

Phase 3: Supervised Maintenance

This phase is open to those individuals who do not qualify for the Phase 2 program or for long term exercise maintenance and reduction in disease progression after completing the Phase 2 program. This is a self-pay program.

Workout sessions are conducted in the Rehabilitation Center at multiple OSF HealthCare locations. Your provider may recommend supervised exercise.

This phase offers a comprehensive exercise program with personalized instruction with trained supervision.

Insurance Coverage

Most insurance companies, including Medicare/Medicaid, cover Phase 2 PAD program.  

For Phase 3, check with your insurance in regards to reimbursement. Some Phase 3 programs also offer financial aid for those that need it. Check with the Phase 3 coordinator in regards to how to apply for this.

How to Enroll

A physician’s consent is required for either phase of the PAD rehabilitation program. Our team will work with you and your doctor to determine a plan appropriate for your needs.

Talk with your cardiologist or primary care physician to determine if this program is right for you.


Hospital Address City Phone
OSF St. Joseph Medical Center 2200 E. Washington Street Bloomington (309) 661-5134
OSF Saint James - John W. Albrecht Medical Center 2500 W. Reynolds Street Pontiac (815) 842-4583
OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center - Cardiac Rehabilitation 444 Roxbury Road Rockford (815) 484-7490
OSF Heart of Mary Medical Center 1400 W. Park Street Urbana (217) 337-2237