OSF Care Decisions

OSF Care Decisions is an advance care planning model used by OSF HealthCare. It uses trained advance care planning facilitators to help patients talk about their future health care decisions with family members and health care providers. The facilitators also assist in filling out a Power of Attorney for Health Care document.

Give your family a gift.
Many of us believe our families know our thoughts and would make the same decisions we would, but that often isn’t true. They struggle with these decisions, especially if things are not going well. Give your family the gift of peace of mind by walking through the process with an OSF Care Decisions facilitator.

How Do I Prepare for the Discussion?

Once you arrange to have an advance care planning session, you will be given a packet of information. This packet will help you:

  • Understand advance care planning and its purpose
  • Help you think about who you should name as your agent
  • Prepare for your conversation

What Will We Talk About?

During the discussion you will be encouraged to think about the care you want at the end of life and to share their thoughts with your family members.

Topics include:

  • Who would be the best person to speak for me if I could not speak for myself?
  • What kind of spiritual support would I want?
  • What kind of pain control would I prefer?
  • Where would I like to die, and who would I want around me?
  • Are their certain treatments that I would not want?

After the discussion, the facilitator will help you complete a Power of Attorney for Health Care form. We recommend that you work with a facilitator when filling out this document to ensure its legality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about advance care planning or OSF Care Decisions?

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How Can I Arrange for an OSF Care Decisions Discussion?

Contact your OSF Medical Group primary care office to schedule an in-person visit with an OSF Care Decisions facilitator at your convenience.

Existing patients with access to OSF MyChart may schedule directly by logging into their account. Here, you will find additional resources including guidance on preparing for your  conversation with a trained facilitator and the ability to review or upload important documents.

Already have an Advance Directive?
Please bring a copy to your next appointment at OSF.