About Us

EMS technicians with patient in ambulanceOSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center is the state-designated resource hospital for the Ottawa Regional EMS System. 

As an EMS Resource Hospital, OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center provides primary and continuing education, quality assurance, licensure renewals, patient care protocols and ensures compliance to the IDPH Rules and Regulations which govern EMS.

All OSF Saint Elizabeth EMS System activities are performed under the direction of the EMS Medical Director and EMS System Coordinator.

Standing Medical Orders

Please contact our EMS System Office at (815) 431-5338 with any questions about Standing Medical Orders.


Teamwork stands as a cornerstone of our success. By combining our individual skills and fostering collaboration across various disciplines, we consistently strive towards a shared purpose of achieving common goals.

  • Dr. Imad Khan EMS Medical Director
  • Kelly Wasilewski RN EMS Manager, EMS System Coordinator
  • George Richter Paramedic LI, EMS System Educator
  • Brian Allen Paramedic LI, EMS System Educator