About Us

In late 1992, OSF Saint James - John W. Albrecht Medical Center saw a need to be involved with helping the area EMS agencies, so they hired an EMS System Coordinator on a part-time schedule to start the application process. The position became a full-time position within six months. In the summer of 1993, OSF Saint James became an Illinois Department of Public Health designated “Resource Hospital."

With this designation, the hospital became an “EMS System” starting out with just two agencies. Resource hospitals have the responsibility to train and educate, along with all patient care activities for all of the EMS agencies within the EMS System.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist the area rural and urban agencies to provide the best possible care to their communities.

"To provide the best quality care to the citizens in our service area through support for the Emergency Medical Services agencies, and by focusing on training, education, recruitment and equipment within our rural EMS system."

As of 2022, our EMS system consists of 20 EMS agencies which includes ambulance services, fire departments, 911 dispatch, and industries. The total number of EMS providers within the EMS system is approximately 275 strong.

Our service area covers Livingston County and portions of Woodford, LaSalle, Grundy, Ford, Marshall and McLean counties.