EMS Medical Director

Dr. Michael Daley

Dr. Daley completed his residency training at Cook County Health and Hospital System in Chicago. He has been with OSF healthcare for the past 2 years. He currently lives in Peoria with his wife Marie and two kids (Mike Jr. and Mekhi). He identifies as a former New Yorker but enjoys the charm of the midwest. Down time activities include playing chess (leisurely and competitively), exercising, reading and travel. As medical director he hopes to maintain a high level of integrity for the EMS system and is anxiously looking forward to getting to know all the out of hospital providers who help to support the communities at large.


EMS System Manager

Andrew Larsen

Andrew Larsen is the EMS System Manager for OSF Saint James - John W. Albrecht Medical Center. He is responsible for all operations within the EMS System and providing oversight and assistance to system agencies and providers. The System Manager also coordinates Emergency/Disaster Operations for OSF Saint James by conducting drills and exercises as well as ensuring proper policies are in place. Andrew has been in EMS for over 28 years with both rural and urban agencies. Andrew is an EMT-P, Illinois Lead Instructor and an instructor for ACLS, BLS/CPR, PALS and ITLS. Andrew has an associate degree in business and a bachelor's degree in HealthCare/EMS Management. He has been with OSF HealthCare since 2015.

To contact Andrew, please call (815) 842-4938 or Email.

EMS System Coordinator

Tonya Johnson-Wilcox

Tonya Johnson-Wilcox is the EMS System Coordinator for OSF Saint James - John W. Albrecht Medical Center. The EMS System Coordinator is responsible for all American Heart Association (AHA) coordination, agency inspections and assists in operations of the System. Tonya has been in EMS for 22 years, starting out as a first responder and eventually becoming a paramedic. Tonya has experience with both rural and urban EMS practices in addition to years of teaching various EMS classes. Tonya is an EMT-P, Illinois Lead Instructor, ACLS, BLS/CPR, PALS and ITLS instructor and holds an associate degree. Tonya has been with OSF HealthCare, working in the EMS office, since 2005.

To contact Tonya, please call (815) 842-6821 or Email

EMS Educator

Rick Huber

Rick is the EMS System Education Coordinator for OSF Saint James EMS System. Rick is a medically retired Firefighter/Paramedic that has been in the EMS since 1996. Rick started out as a cadet with the Village of Lyons during my senior year of high school then became a Paid-on Call firefighter. Rick became an EMT-B in 1997 advancing to Paramedic in 2002. Before retiring from the Bridgeview Fire Department in 2019, he had a leadership role as an Acting Company Officer. Rick also worked for a couple private ambulance companies during his active EMS career. After retirement, Rick worked as an EMT-B instructor with several successful classes. Rick enjoys working with both paid and volunteer agencies, striving for our communities to receive high quality EMS care.

To contact Rick, please call 815-842-4984 or Email

Emergency Preparedness Coordinator