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OSF HealthCare is here for you in every stage of life. If you’re a senior adult, you may want to consider specialized primary care. Our experienced OSF Medical Group geriatrics providers are always ready to help.

Why Geriatrics?

While family medicine and internal medicine doctors treat adults, you may benefit from a dedicated senior care provider. Geriatricians (senior care providers) have specialized experience with health issues common in older adults. Because seniors often have multiple chronic health conditions and take more than one medication, senior care providers are experts in managing multiple conditions. They can help you coordinate care between specialists and provide guidance on how to safely take all your medications.

When Should I See a Senior Care Provider?

There’s no specific age when a person needs to switch to a geriatric health provider. You can benefit from senior health primary care if you:

  • Are over 60 years old
  • Live with more than one health concern
  • Take multiple medications
  • Have health conditions that typically affect seniors, such as dementia, arthritis or incontinence

What Conditions Do Geriatric Care Providers Treat?

Some common health issues geriatricians treat include:

Senior Care Services

Geriatric health providers and gerontologists recognize unmet needs in seniors and connect them to programs that can help. One popular service OSF HealthCare provides is adult day services. Our OSF Senior World in Peoria offers social connection, care management, nutritious meals and therapeutic activities to help older adults live their best lives. For adults who need more support, we offer resources and referrals to senior behavioral wellness programs, at-home care services, senior living facilities and end-of-life care.

Wherever you are in your health care journey, OSF primary care is right there with you. We have geriatric primary care experts at our Mendota, Peoria and Pontiac locations. If you or a loved one are looking for older adult health care, let OSF Medical Group connect you with one of our skilled senior health providers at the location closest to you.

Find a Senior Health Provider

Enjoy better health with senior services from an experienced professional at OSF HealthCare. Our geriatricians provide life-changing care and support for older adults.


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