Our onsite services provide convenient access to medical care, including vaccinations to protect you from illness. We also offer drug and alcohol screenings to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. Additionally, our team can conduct ergonomic assessments to help prevent injuries and improve comfort while working.

*Note: Services vary based on location. Contact us at employer.relations@osfhealthcare.org for more information.


OSF HealthCare can bring care directly to your workplace.  We can offer customizable clinic services to meet the needs of your company and your valued employees.

Whether the clinic service you need is on an intermittent basis or more of a permanent employee onsite health option, OSF is ready to customize an option which meets your health care needs and those of your employees.

Ergonomic Assessment

OSF HealthCare specialists will come to your work site, evaluate work stations and analyze how the layout impacts the movements required by employees.

We can make recommendations to improve ergonomics, make the work areas safer and decrease the likelihood of injury.

Industrial Rehabilitation

Drug & Alcohol Screening

OSF HealthCare offers drug and alcohol screening and management programs for your organization.

Drug & Alcohol Screening

OSF HealthCare specialists will come to your work place to provide your team with their annual influenza vaccines.  Check with our team for a list of other vaccinations available for onsite clinics.