Nurses across OSF HealthCare work as part of interprofessional teams to provide care to our patients and are continually working to address the strategic priorities of the organization, some of which includes evidenced-based and appropriate care; excellence in clinical outcomes, patient and employee experience, and health equity and community health. Our organization makes every effort to acknowledge nurses and others who excel in assisting us meet our goals.

Nursing Excellence Awards

We are committed to recognizing our dedicated nursing Mission Partners. Every year we have an opportunity at our “I am an OSF Nurse" Symposium to recognize exceptional nurses from across our system through the OSF Nursing Excellence Awards. In recognizing the gifts each nurse brings to this Ministry, we in turn hope to elevate and inspire the practice of all nurses as they demonstrate their impact on our Mission by providing the greatest care and love. Nurses are nominated by their peers in one of five categories: Exemplary Professional Practice; Innovator in Nursing; Transformational Leadership; Nurse Empowerment; and Nurse Leader on a Collaborative Project. Nurses participating in the OSF Advance Nursing Program are also recognized. The symposium also offers professional development and growth opportunities for our nurses.

2021 Nursing Excellence Winners

Nurse Legacy Award (Philanthropy Award for Nurses)

Our Sisters have provided a rich heritage of nursing since 1877. This legacy of nursing began with our Sisters offering nursing care. The Mission lives on, as today, nurses continue to offer their hearts, minds and hands in the service of love. We want to honor, recognize and celebrate this ongoing legacy of Nursing’s commitment to serve with the greatest care and love

"Live in meekness and obedience. Nurse the sick with the greatest care and love, then will God’s blessing be with you."

This award, sponsored by the Clinical Nursing Executive Council, is given annually to recognize/celebrate an individual who has demonstrated our founding Sisters' attributes. In addition, individuals considered for this distinction will have demonstrated a commitment to others through avenues such as:

  • Fundraising/philanthropy
  • Giving the gift of time or service to family, friends, community or state
  • Demonstrate a lasting difference in the lives of others by using their God-given talents and nursing skills to extend the Mission outside the walls of OSF
  • Display attributes of spirituality and  holistic nursing attributes

Examples include raising funds for charity/OSF, volunteering, service projects, service on community or school boards, or offering their gifts to individuals in need, such as mission work, foster care, mentoring or serving those disadvantaged within our communities.   

Organization Level Awards

  • Sister Canisia Awards
  • Dr. Mary Draeger Schultz Patient Safety Award and Scholarship
  • Heart of Saint Francis
  • Leader of the Year
  • Sister Aeterna Mission Integration Award
  • Richard S. Kowalski Endowment Scholarship Program
  • Nursing Excellence Scholarship Fund

Daisy Award

What is the Daisy Award?

The DAISY Award is an international program rewarding and celebrating the exceptional, compassionate and skillful care provided by nurses. The co-founders of this program, Mark and Bonnie Barnes began the Daisy Award program after losing their son, Patrick, from an autoimmune disease. DAISY stands for Disease Attacking the Immune SYstem. Because of the compassionate care Patrick received during his eight weeks in the hospital, his parents turned their experience into this international award. Through the DAISY award, nurses are recognized by patients and families for the care they provide every day. OSF HealthCare collaborates with the DAISY Foundation to provide ongoing thanks and recognition for the compassionate, competent care our nurses provide.

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Foundation Grateful Patient Banner

OSF Grateful Patient Program

National and Institute Awards

OSF HealthCare is a leader in patient care and our nurses are critical to our success. In October 2019, OSF HealthCare Saint Francis Medical Center was the recipient of the 2019 ANCC Magnet Prize® for their work to reduce food insecurity and improve health outcomes in the community. This prize awarded by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)  recognizes organizations with unique programs that change nursing practice through innovative activities.

Across all OSF HealthCare settings, nurses work to provide high quality, compassionate care that that is recognized not only by outside organizations, but by patients and families as well.
OSF Saint Francis Medical Center ANCC Magnet Prize®