Professional Practice Model


Nursing Vision

To earn the trust of our patients through exceptional, compassionate care in an environment where nurses are valued, appreciated and have professional agency.

The original OSF HealthCare Nursing Professional Practice Model (PPM) was developed in 2011 by a committee of OSF HealthCare nurses in an effort to align nursing across all OSF entities with the mission, vision, and values of OSF HealthCare, which serves as the foundation of our care. Prior to 2011, each entity had its own PPM. A PPM is a schematic description of how nurses practice, collaborate, communicate and develop professionally to provide care to those they serve. Our PPM is reviewed by nurses on a regular basis, and was updated in 2022 to reflect our current practice and updated values. Although similar to the original, a sixth leaf, “Caregiver Wellbeing” was added to our framework. What has not changed over the years is our focus on patient, family, and community, which is located at the center of the model. They are at the heart of all nursing does. In 2022, the decision was also made to adopt Dr. Kristen Swanson’s Caring Theory to serve as the theoretical foundation for the revised PPM. The OSF HealthCare Professional Practice Council and Nurse Executives reviewed the final draft of the revised PPM and all Professional Governance councils agreed that the PPM was reflective of nursing practice at OSF HealthCare.