Magnet® Status Recognition

nursing-magnet_logo.jpgIn December 1990, the American Nurses Association (ANA), through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), established a formal program to recognize excellence in nursing services: the Magnet® Nursing Services Recognition Program. Over the years, the ANCC has continued to raise the bar as the gold standard for delivering excellent nursing care, new nursing knowledge, and evidence-based clinical quality. Designation as a Magnet® organization is a desire of healthcare institutions both nationally and internationally and is the highest, most esteemed credential a healthcare organization can receive for nursing excellence and quality patient care. Magnet status is awarded for a four-year period, after which, organizations must re-apply for recognition. Three hospitals in the OSF HealthCare family are currently designated as Magnet® organizations.

OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center, Rockford, IL

OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center is a 254 Licensed Bed Level I Trauma Center employing over 1,500 Mission Partners. OSF Saint Anthony is a 4-time designated Magnet Hospital and was the first hospital in Rockford Illinois to receive this status in 2005.

OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, Peoria, IL

OSF Saint Francis Medical Center is a 649 Licensed Bed Level I Trauma Center employing over 5,000 Mission Partners. This hospital is the fifth largest medical center in Illinois and is a teaching affiliate of the University of Illinois College of Medicine. OSF Saint Francis is a 4-time designated Magnet Hospital, receiving its first designation in 2005.  

OSF St. Joseph Medical Center, Bloomington, IL

OSF St. Joseph Medical Center is a 149-Licensed Bed Level II Trauma Center employing over 800 Mission Partners. OSF St. Joseph is a 3-time designated Magnet® Hospital, receiving its first designation in 2008. OSF St. Joseph was the first hospital in McLean County to receive this prestigious credential.

Magnet® For Europe

Two of our OSF Magnet® designated hospitals; Saint Francis Medical Center and Saint Anthony Medical Center are participating in the Magnet4Europe initiative, an international partnership where each participating U.S. hospital is partners with a twin European hospital. Led by the KU Leuven, Belgium and the Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research at University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing in the U.S., this evidence-based intervention involves pairing 67 experienced Magnet® recognized U.S. hospitals with 73 European hospitals from Belgium, England, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, and Norway. U.S. hospitals are introducing their European counterpart to the principles of Magnet®. The goal of this endeavor is to improve work environments, patient outcomes, and clinician wellbeing. In addition, all three of our Magnet® designated facilities along with other U.S. Magnet for Europe hospitals, are participating in one of the largest studies ever on the association of work environments with clinician wellbeing and patient outcomes.

Journey to Magnet Excellence®

The Magnet Recognition Program® is an international designation awarded to organizations who successfully align their nursing strategic goals to improve patient outcomes. To achieve initial Magnet® recognition, organizations must first apply and then submit detailed written documentation providing sources of evidence demonstrating how it meets the standards of excellence expected of a Magnet® organization. If accepted, a site visit phase occurs where a team of nurse appraisers comes to the organization and verifies and validates what was submitted in the written documentation. Along with what is witnessed at the organization, feedback from the public and hospital employees are considered. The appraisers then prepare a summary of their findings and submit this to the Commission on Magnet for final decision. OSF Hospitals who have applied and are currently on the Journey to Magnet® Excellence include:

  • OSF Saint Anthony Health Center, Alton, IL
  • OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center, Ottawa, IL & OSF St. Paul Medical Center, Mendota, IL
  • OSF Heart of Mary Medical Center, Urbana, IL
  • OSF Holy Family Medical Center, Monmouth, IL & OSF St. Mary Medical Center, Galesburg, IL