track_photo.jpg__300x200_q100_crop_subsampling-2.jpgIn 2015, the OSF HealthCare Saint Francis Medical Center Laboratory installed an Abbott a3600 automated track system in conjunction with a series of Architect analyzers. This complete system allows for greater throughput of specimens, with reduced handling and decreased turn-around time.

Specimen processing and handling are minimized, as all specimens that have a barcode label affixed are loaded onto the track and automatically routed to the appropriate piece of equipment for analysis. 

Routine, manual tasks, such as centrifuging, creating aliquots, and even storage and retrieval are now automated, increasing efficiency, while minimizing errors, leading to improved patient care. As of June 2016, the one year anniversary of the track, more than 1,369,000 specimens had been processed on the track.  That's more than 114,000 specimens per month!  Approximately 72,000 specimens were automatically retrieved and had tests added on.

This totally modular system consolidates multiple instruments into a unified workstation, where software provides workload and sample-order management, along with instrument operational status monitoring. 

Providers who have EMR connectivity get results automatically pushed through the LIS interface, while those that don’t have electronic means get results called and faxed when appropriate. 

Below are some common test panels that are performed via the track:

Common Test Panels

Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP)
Glucose Potassium Sodium
BUN Chloride Calcium
Creatinine CO2
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)
Glucose Albumin CO2
BUN Total Protein ALT (SGPT)
Creatinine Sodium AST (SGOT)
Total Bilirubin Potassium Calcium
Alk Phos Chloride
Lipid Panel
Cholesterol HDL Triglycerides
Renal Function Panel
Albumin Glucose BUN
Calcium PO4 Creatinine
Potassium CO2 Chloride
Hepatic Function Panel
Albumin Alkaline Phosphatase ALT (SGPT)
Total Bilirubin Total Protein AST (SGOT)
Direct Bilirubin
Acute Hepatitis Panel
Hep A Ab, IgM Hep B surf Ag Hep B core Ab, IgM
Hep C Antibody
Electrolyte Panel
Sodium CO2 Potassium

Other Common Chemistry Panels

Obstetric Panel
CBC Antibody Screen Hep B surf Ag
Rubella IgG ABO & Rh type RPR
Adult Food Allergy Panel
Egg White Corn Clam
Milk Peanut Scallop
Codfish Soybean Sesame
Wheat Shrimp Walnut
Respiratory Allergy Panel
Immunoglobulin E D. pteronyssinus D. farinae
Cat Dander Dog Dander Timothy
Cockroach Cladosporium Maple
Aspergillus Alternaria Oak
Hickory, Pecan Pigweed Elm
Juniper, Cedar Ragweed Bermuda
RG Marsh Elder Cottonwood Mulberry
Maple Leaf Sycamore Walnut P. notatum
Russian Thistle White Ash