What Our Clients Say

One of the goals at the OSF HealthCare Saint Francis Medical Center Laboratory is to provide our clients outstanding service by processing and resulting patient specimens in a timely manner, which is usually a few hours.  We are able to do this thanks to our dedicated staff who believe patient satisfaction is their primary focus. The quicker they can deliver results to the provider, the quicker treatment can begin.

Our web-based ordering system, Atlas, is very versatile and offers a variety of options for placing lab orders. By utilizing the ‘In Office Later” functionality, orders can be entered prior to the patient’s arrival, then performed once the patient is present. This allows office staff to streamline their processes and minimizes patient wait. Other options, such as sending the patient to an OSF outpatient lab to have the lab draw performed are available for providers that do not have phlebotomy services in their offices.

Lastly, bi-directional interfacing is available for those clients that require an interface to their EMR. Our onsite staff work with your EMR provider to coordinate installation and testing of the interface.  We provide regular updates to our test menu and work with your staff to ensure all systems are up-to-date.

Marci Messing, RN, Bradley University Health Services

“My name is Marci Messing, and I am a registered nurse at Bradley University Health Services in Peoria, Illinois. We are an OSF office that provides care to the Bradley University students. We function at a full service physician office with a little bit of a prompt care component.”

“We had always used paper requisitions for our OSF labs and often made many clerical errors with them and sent the wrong tubes, or stored them wrong.  We started using ATLAS lab system in March 2017. The OSF ATLAS team was very accommodating in scheduling our training. They were very comprehensive and patient and very hands on with our group. They provided a thorough paper resource document for us to use as reference. They also were and are very available by phone and email.”

“All the staff at Bradley are very comfortable with ATLAS and we feel it has made us much more efficient. We like the fact that it has computer generated labels that give us direction on color of tubes, types of containers, number of tubes, and how to store them.”

“The OSF ATLAS team guided us well through the start-up and gave many tips when we were frustrated at first during the learning curve.”

“I would definitely recommend any office use ATLAS for their labs!”

Marci Messing, RN
Office Coordinator
Bradley University Health Services

Annette Wounded Arrow, Renal Care Associates

“We have found the Atlas experience to be a lifesaver for us.  Our MOAs were hand entering or scanning labs into our system.  Now they go straight to the physicians for review and into the patients chart directly.  The doctors (and the patients through portal) see the labs the same day the patient gets the labs.  It has truly increased patient satisfaction.  The system is easy to use.  The reporting is very reliable. The patients find it handy not to have to carry paper requisitions because the orders are already in the system waiting for them!  RenalCare Associates would recommending using Atlas to all physician offices.”

Annette Wounded Arrow
Renal Care Associates

Carrie Pruett, MLS(ASCP), Illinois CancerCare, P.C.

“We have really enjoyed the ATLAS interface that was installed for us last year.  The OSF team has been great to work with and was quick to respond with any issues that we had upon going live.  The interface has been very easy to use and has cut down on patient entry errors as well as time, which is what we enjoy the most about it!  We also like that the results flow directly into our interface.”

Carrie Pruett, MLS(ASCP)
Laboratory Supervisor
Illinois CancerCare, P.C.

Stephanie Johnson, Executive Director, Pediatric Resource Center

"Because the Pediatric Resource Center provides specialized medical services to abused and neglected children, we were not included in the initial rollout of full EPIC due to access and confidentiality concerns.  Using Atlas allowed us to order and print labels for our lab specimens, which reduced lab errors due to selecting or processing incorrect lab tests.  The support we have received from the Atlas team has been outstanding.  The Atlas team has been quick to respond and create workable solutions for our unique needs."

Stephanie Johnson
Executive Director
Pediatric Resource Center