Grief & Spiritual Support

spiritual_clouds.jpg__300x200_q100_crop_subsampling-2.jpgOur pastoral care and bereavement services offer patients and their family members companionship and true understanding of their experience.

Professional grief counselors help people to recognize and express the many manifestations of grief: physical reactions, mental chaos, emotional turmoil, social reactions and spiritual concerns.

Grief Counseling

Individual grief counseling and/or support groups can nurture courage and strength so that the bereaved is able to recommit to life with its precious memories and relationships.

Bereavement services are offered to family members for 13 months.

Spiritual Services

Important healing can only take place when we experience and express grief with people who understand the process and who are able pastor for your family while under hospice care and can provide inspiration and hope with readings and prayers, if requested.

Our staff can also contact your local church to request a visit from your pastor if you prefer.

Request a Prayer