Prescription Drug Safety Program

OSF HealthCare Children’s Hospital of Illinois provides programming to high schools in Central Illinois to educate students about the risks of opioid use and abuse.

The Prescription Drug Safety Program, provided in partnership with EVERFI, is an innovative digital course designed to empower students with the knowledge and skills to make healthy, informed decisions when it comes to prescription medications.

How It Works

The course is made up of six lessons, each about 10 minutes in length. There are assessments embedded throughout, so teachers and administrators can track student progress and see knowledge gain.

Through interactive scenarios and self-guided activities, students learn:

  • The facts about prescription drugs (opioids, stimulants and depressants)
  • How to properly use and dispose of them
  • How to step in when faced with a situation involving misuse

Where It's Available

This program is currently available to high schools in:

  • Knox County
  • LaSalle County
  • Livingston County
  • Vermilion County

Learn More

To learn more about the program or to bring this critical resource to your school, contact your local Illinois Implementation Manager, Lauren Pingul, at (707) 478-8866.

She is available to answer any questions you have and to provide teachers with a 15-minute training to get them set up with the program.