OSF Specialty Pharmacy

Getting your specialty medication should be easy. That is what you will get with OSF Specialty Pharmacy. We work with your doctor’s office and insurance so you can start on your specialty medication sooner. OSF HealthCare partners with Lumicera Health Services to provide you with great service and help you learn about your specialty medication. Our pharmacists and care team understand your chronic condition and the specialty medication needed to treat it.

Why Do I Need a Specialty Pharmacy?

Certain drugs are called “specialty” on your insurance plan’s list – known as a formulary. Those need to be filled at a specialty pharmacy. OSF Specialty Pharmacy is ready to assist you with that.

Our main goal is to help you learn how to take or use your medication. We also work with your doctor to support and coordinate your care.

Our team can help you with insurance plan questions, and find copay assistance and grant programs that can help make your specialty drug more affordable.

Our Services

We make sure your care includes everything you need to manage your condition well and live a healthier, happier life. Our services include:

  • Pre-therapy Screening -  We work to keep you safe and look at your lab reports to make sure thay are within normal limits before you begin therapy. If there are any concerns, we will call your doctor.
  • Medication Delivery -  Most specialty drugs require special packaging and shipping. We make this is easy by delivering directly to you. We’ll track the shipment and let you know when your package will arrive.
  • Medication and Condition Support – You’ll get a care plan with goals to help you at every step. Our pharmacists will teach you how to use your medication. We also help you learn about side effects or reactions with other drugs you may be taking.
  • Refill reminders – We’ll remind you about refills by phone or text before you run out of your medication.
  • Connection with your doctor – As part of your care team, we are able to view your medical records and lab results. This allows us to talk with your doctor to make sure your medications match their instructions.
  • Pre approval and financial help – We work with your doctor’s office to coordinate any pre approvals to get you the medication you need quicker. We will look for all available financial help and programs to find those medications at a cost you can afford.

How to Use

OSF Specialty Pharmacy is the best place to order your specialty medication and supplies, which means no more trips to the pharmacy and no more waiting in line. Everything you need comes in your shipment, and there are no shipping fees.

It takes one business day to process your prescription, not including delivery time. If it takes longer, we will notify you of your options so you don’t go without your medication. They are sent using the best shipping method for what you are taking. For next-day deliveries, we ship Monday through Thursday. A Patient Care Specialist will review your medication and shipping needs and set up a delivery date that works for you.

Ordering refills is easy, too. You can order refills online by text message or by calling us at (833) 354-2220. If you have not heard from us and have seven days of your medication remaining, please call. Remember to let us know of any insurance changes, address changes or rush order needs.

For some medication, you can also sign up for our texting program to send refill requests by text.