Giving to OSF HealthCare is more than just dollars, it also means giving the gift of hope and love burning brightly for people in need. And when you donate goods and services as in-kind donations, you’re supporting our Mission of serving our community with the greatest care and love.

Gifts-in-kind further our Mission and bring opportunity and resources for Mission Partners and patients that we never thought possible. For that, we are grateful for all generous gifts of time, talent, and treasure that our community continues to provide.

Your gift makes it possible for OSF HealthCare to continue to serve our patients with innovation, compassion, and above all else, faith. Thank you for joining us in our Mission to serve with the greatest care and love through a gift-in-kind donation.

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Foundation Gift Purely Elizabeth

From One Idea to Thousands of Donations

Foundation Katrina Howard GiftIt has been one year since OSF HealthCare began batting the COVID-19 pandemic head on. Through these unprecedented times, we have faced the virus with faith and courage. One Mission Partner in particular saw the opportunity to take things into her own hands.

“As a dietitian I was limited on what I could physically do to help, but I wanted to feel that I was making a difference,” said Katrina Howard, Registered Dietitian at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center. “I joined the Pandemic Health Worker Program as a fielder, driving to COVID patients homes and dropping off their supplies. I received an email from the KIND nutrition collective that I am part of saying they wanted to help our frontline workers by donating snacks. I knew that I enjoyed healthy snacks and figured that additional fielders and others on the Pandemic Health Worker team would appreciate them too. So I applied and highlighted the PHW program thinking we would get a couple boxes of KIND bars to share.” Little did she know what a couple of boxes would turn into.

A few boxes of KIND bars suddenly turned into 23 pallets of nutritious snacks for our frontline workers. This recent donation came from a natural foods company, Purely Elizabeth, via Frontline Impact Project, which directs quality-of-life goods to frontline workers nationwide. The granola bars and clusters that were received were split amongst the 14 OSF HealthCare locations throughout Illinois and Upper Peninsula of Michigan. These snacks are ideal for busy days and keeps the team moral high after they have worked on their feet, often for long hours of the day and limited breaks.

As we continue to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, we are reminded how truly blessed we are to have the support of organizations like Purely Elizabeth and Frontline Impact Project. It takes Mission Partners like Katrina that go above and beyond without hesitation to help us live our Sisters’ Mission to serve all persons with the greatest care and love.