Donor Advised Fund (DAF)

A grant from your Donor Advised Fund has the power to save a life when you support the life-affirming Ministry of OSF HealthCare

Now, more than ever, DAF grants are helping generous people like you fulfill their philanthropic goals. Thank you for your partnership with our Sisters’ Mission to serve all persons with the greatest care and love.

Ready to make your recommendation from your DAF? Thank you!

Please contact your Charitable Sponsoring Organization by finding their name in the drop down menu below. Click on the name and it will direct you to the client login page so you can begin the process of making your recommendation to support OSF HealthCare.

If you do not find their name, please contact us. We will help you with that information and will add their name to our list for future reference. Your gift can be designated to support the area of OSF HealthCare most meaningful to you. Please include any special instructions with your recommendation.

Please direct your DAF check to be made payable to the OSF HealthCare Foundation and mailed to:

OSF HealthCare Foundation
124 SW Adams Street
Peoria, IL  61602

Tax ID: FEIN: 37-1259284

If you prefer to contact your fund manager directly to recommend a grant from your DAF to support OSF HealthCare Foundation, please direct them to send a check from your DAF directly to OSF HealthCare Foundation at the address above.

If you are willing, please include your name and address when you make your recommendation so we can thank you and acknowledge your generosity. You are also welcome to call to inform us of your decision to ensure we understand how you would like your gift to be used. Our toll free number is (877) 574-5678

Please remember this important IRS rule when gifting through your DAF

Per IRS rules, a DAF cannot be used to make a gift if you are receiving a benefit in return. For example, you cannot use a grant from your DAF to sponsor an event or pay for registration or admission to an event, even if you as the donor do not attend.  If there is something to be received such as dinner, golf outing, etc., a DAF cannot be used.

Thank you for your generous support!

Donors are invited to contact:
Shelly Peters, Planned Giving Officer
Send a Message
(309) 566-5653

Fund Managers and Advisors are invited to contact:
Jacob Sexton, Manager Administrative Services
Send a Message
(309) 566-5666

Toll Free: (877) 574-5678

NOTE: The Charitable Sponsoring Organizations listed above are listed as a convenience to our donors. Their listing does not constitute an endorsement for OSF HealthCare or by OSF HealthCare.