Closer to Home Program

Our goal is to provide you with the recovery time, rehabilitation, support and comfort you need closer to home.

With mainly private rooms, the Closer to Home program offers both comfortable accommodations and the expert care found in a medical center. Each facility has attending physicians on staff who will admit you to the program and direct your care. The nursing and therapy staff received specialized training to care for patients who have undergone spinal surgery or have suffered a stroke. Should any questions arise, the neurological specialists at the Illinois Neurological Institute are available 24/7 and are just a phone call away.

The Program Offers

  • 24-hour skilled nursing care
  • Individualized physical, occupation and speech therapy programs
  • Discharge planning assistance to return to your home
  • Dietary counseling
  • Immediate access to emergency services
  • The convenience of being close to your home, family and support system The length of your stay in the program will depend upon your condition and individualized treatment program. Since you are transitioning back to your home, you will be expected to dress in street clothes and actively participate in the program.

Why the Closer to Home Program?

It is important that you and your family are prepared for your return home after a neurological event or complex neurosurgical procedure. If additional recovery time and rehabilitation are needed after the acute care phase, the Closer to Home program can help. It eliminates the inconvenience and worry of being hospitalized away from your family and support system by allowing you to stay at a medical center closer to your home. 

OSF HealthCare has three facilities that have “swing beds” -- beds that can be used for post-acute care. Those swing beds are offered at OSF Saint Luke Medical Center in Kewanee, OSF Holy Family Medical Center in Monmouth and OSF Saint Paul Medical Center in Mendota. Not only will you be in a comfortable environment that offers skilled nursing care and comprehensive rehabilitation services, but you also will be closer to home.

The Closer to Home Program helps make the transition from the hospital to home safer and easier.

Admission to the Program

There are a variety of conditions or circumstances that may qualify patients for care in the Closer to Home program. Post-surgical or medical patients requiring special dressing changes, instructions on new treatments or physical, occupational or speech therapies are good candidates for the program.

Admission to the Closer to Home program must be ordered by a physician. OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria has case managers who will assist you with transfer plans to the facility in your home area. However, if you are preparing for surgery, we ask you to visit the Closer to Home facility in your area prior to your procedure in case you require additional recovery time after discharge from OSF Saint Francis Medical Center. Each OSF Closer to Home facility has staff available to provide a tour and answer any questions you may have. They will work closely with the case manager in Peoria to determine your eligibility and ensure a smooth transition from one facility to the other.

Medicare and most private insurance companies will cover a skilled care admission in the Closer to Home facilities. However, patients must meet their insurance requirements prior to admission. The staff at the our facilities are prepared to assist with the screening process. Please note, Illinois Medicaid does not cover this level of care.