What to Expect


You can feel confident that your child's providers will:

  • Explain the condition or injuries in a way that you can understand
  • Describe all of your child's treatment options, including the risks and benefits
  • Explain what happens before, during and after each treatment
  • Answer all of your questions

You most likely have many questions about how to prepare your child for his or her clinic visit. Get more information about your child's clinic visit, including:

  • Important things to do before the appointment
  • Tips on helping your child feel safer about the upcoming visit
  • Paperwork to remember the day of the appointment
  • Suggested questions to ask your child's doctor
  • How to prepare for care at home

What happens during a clinic appointment?

  • After check-in, your child's certified medical assistant will take you and your child to an exam room. Next, members of the neurosurgery team will see your child.
  • Your child's doctor may order some tests, such as an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and/or a CT (computed tomography) scan. Occasionally, we have children go to the lab for blood work. Your child may need follow-up clinic visits and possibly more testing.


  • Preparing your child and yourselves for surgery may help reduce your family's stress during this time.
  • Our team is committed to helping children who need neurosurgery and their families cope well with the experience. We want you to know what's going to happen each step of the way.

Learn more about what to expect if your child is having surgery, including:

  • What to do once surgery is scheduled
  • Tips to help your child feel safer about the surgery
  • What to bring the day of surgery
  • What to expect the day of surgery
  • Helpful questions to ask your child's doctor
  • How to prepare for care at home

Find out what you need to know about your child's stay at OSF Children's Hospital of Illinois, including:

  • Things to do before your child's arrival
  • Preparing your child for a hospital stay
  • What to expect during your child's stay
  • Helpful questions to ask your child's doctor
  • Information to help you after your child has been discharged