MS Treatment options

There are currently numerous treatment options available for MS. Choosing the best treatment for each individual is complex, depending upon the type of MS, insurance, course and MRI findings.

At OSF Illinois Neurological Institute, your MS provider will discuss the options available to you, so together you can select the treatment plan that fits your needs.

Our MS team is knowledgeable about all the options available, including clinical research trials.

Our MS team also consists of nurses, physical and occupational therapists who are specially trained in treating MS.

We also collaborate with a dedicated urological specialist, in addition to social and psychological services.


There are different classifications of MS, but 85% of MS patients are relapsing remitting; the others are progressive. A combination of symptoms, cause and exam can differentiate each type of MS.

Treatment options vary according to what type of MS you have.

Prescription Medications

Your individual MS treatment plan may include prescription medications.

Our team of providers remain up-to-date on drug therapies currently FDA approved, as well as those investigational therapies currently in research and soon to be available.

Additional Services

The OSF INI MS Center offers a wide variety of services to meet the needs of our patients and their families, including:

  • Balance therapy and fall prevention
  • Driver rehabilitation
  • Life coach
  • Management of spasticity (muscle stiffness)
  • Managing effect of temperature changes
  • Second opinions and consultation with your primary care physician or local neurologist
  • Wheelchair evaluations