Treatment Options

The goal of proper headache management is to alleviate the recurrent pain in chronic headache sufferers as well as those patients with more episodic, but equally disruptive, headaches to restore a sense of well-being for the purpose of returning the patient to acceptable and enjoyable functional status.

As a part of treatment plan, our specialists will tailor a pharmacological regimen that effectively reduces the frequency and severity of headaches, and if necessary, will employ non-pharmacological and interventional treatment techniques to achieve this goal, including IV infusions, trigger point injections, nerve blocks, and Botox, which is used for the treatment of chronic migraines. We will also refer patients to appropriate medical or surgical colleagues if their headaches are thought to be a symptom of other medical or surgical problem.

While many over-the-counter medications (such as Tylenol, aspirin, Advil, or Aleve) can be successfully used to treat random and episodic headaches, overuse of such medications, and especially combination analgesics like Excedrin, may worsen the underlying headache disorder, leading to transformation of episodic headache into chronic. Headaches due to overuse of analgesics are usually the most common cause of chronic daily headaches in otherwise uncomplicated migraine sufferers.

The goal of our Headache Program is to treat the patient not the headache! Therefore, our approach to every patient is unique and driven by multitude of contributing factors for the purpose of designing an individualized care plan.