Create Account

Woman typing on laptopCreate your free, personal account anytime through the OSF MyChart website. Make sure you provide accurate information in all required fields.

Note: If you previously created an OSF MyChart account but cannot access it, do not create a new account. Follow the steps for user/password recovery  or call (855) 673-4325.

Once you have completed the form to create your account, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

Create User Name and Password

You will be directed to create a user name and password, both of which will be required each time you log into OSF MyChart, whether on a personal computer or via the MyChart app on your mobile device.

You also will be asked to verify whether you wish to enable email or text notifications.

Note: This form cannot be used to request access to a family member’s account. Once you have established your own account, you may log in and visit the Request Family Access section in the Menu for information regarding how to request access to a family member’s account.